Poodlepods for Hire

Let’s think inside the box.

There are not many satirical art projects, created from the point of view of vintage touch-typists. Poodlepods aims to blast expectations and in doing so, explore the gender pay gap and provide solutions. After twenty plus years in and out of administrative work, we have spent a year playing with dollies, taking PowerPoint and giving it a good old shake.  We feel we have something to say to the public sector, education and corporate world in a wholly original, entertaining and thought-provoking way:

If you want to feel invisible, work in admin,

If you want to feel like an artist explore why.

secretarial art project venn diagram

Using a mix of satirical comedy and striking visuals, diorama and text, Poodlepods aims to inspire and entertain.

Perhaps you run a company with more than 250 employees and are getting a little twitchy about pay transparency? If so, drop us a line.  Our story illuminates how pay gaps begin, how pay gaps are ignored and why companies miss out on hidden talent and experience, right under their nose.

We can offer:

Poodlepods for HR: how a secretarial live art project is illuminating the gender pay gap and zero progression in low status jobs.

A memorable and thought-provoking talk for management and HR professionals with satirical slideshows, vintage dolls and Q&A – everyone will receive a very special certificate.


Please drop us an email to further discuss your audience, event and learning outcomes. UK or further afield, it would be very nice to get some fresh air:








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