Our Mission Vision

Above, you will find our mission statement of shared values and core celebration of what Poodlepods means to us all, skipping about, happily in our own little world.

But we need to go further.  We need to set out our strategic vision mission for Poodlepods and the University of Admin as we face the certainty of long-term unemployment and the realisation that we have liver spots and no transferable skills.

Here is our new strategy of shared values – it took ages:

Admin strategic plan

We have decided to break things up into three aims:

  1. To work with greater transparency and let everyone know how upset we are.
  2. To demonstrate our value for money by earning less than we did 25 years ago.
  3. To put quality, cross-cutting, over-arching frameworks and disruptive change into everything we do in the hope that these buzz words will transform our career progression.

pie chart

But that is not all.  Oh, no.

We must:

  • Use the words ‘catalyst’ and ‘spaghettification’ and ‘fembot’
  • Share our expert disappointment knowledge with other dollies
  • Hide our expert disappointment knowledge in front of spoilt professors senior stakeholders
  • Build on our zero career pathway and accept defeat

It is only then that we can deliver our strategic plan with the ultimate aim of providing diversity in mixing our drinks and flexibility in leaving work early for maximum impact to become a truly blended service deliverer.

And hopefully all this can be done by 2020 – let us begin!

Poodlepods Senior Dolly Team, 2017



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