Here’s how we achieved disruption:

In 2016, internal communications salary justification consultants Dgsbdy Biscuits were challenged with the task of re-branding all senior secretarial staff and admin assistants over a certain age. Senior management had not seen us for some time and could not remember what we looked like. 

In a matter of weeks, all PA’s had been found, still at our desks, playing with our Palitoy Pippa dolls, combing their glossy hair, posing them on our desks and scheduling working party pre-planning senior academic sabbatical sub-committee hot-tub meetings for 2019-29.

After a quick check behind the ears, the Director of Humanoid Resources distributed the University’s new manifesto and wellness walking collars and leads. Our pathway to stakeholder excellence had begun!

– Career Pippa Doll, Somewhere with Big Motivational Words

And now we are all striving as one big, highly dysfunctional family to give vintage office dollies the resilience training and office supplies that they so desperately need!

Post-Brandit Awards:

The new branding means I have embraced change as a chatbot.  I now squirt my underarms with WD40 before serving the tea. – WINNER  Gen X Secs Who Type Prize

Poodlepods strategic plan coming soon poster