Until we meet again..

,,well it's been a pleasure. The website, the blog, the PowerPoints, the Instagram story, the office supplies, the gin. That's quite a lot of multi-media, multi-platform virtual exhibition space to be getting our head's around. And around it I will - out it will all pop again with Smallditch. Thank you for taking the time... Continue Reading →

Shite jobs.

Excuse our French! Anyone who follows Poodlepods knows we love Instagram and follow lots of wonderful artists and designers who regularly enrich our lowly secretarial working day. One has caught my attention recently, a wonderful reportage photographer, Hugh Brown @hbrownofficial Mr Brown photographs the world's 30 million miners.  Silver, sulphur, coal.. If you want to... Continue Reading →

Day Three in the Big Office

..and Big Dolly has sunk.  Pippa has taken herself off to the paper tray, grabbed a 'used' serviette, as she too has lost the will, and gloom has cast a shadow on all the massive positivity that comes with clearing the overdraft. I can't even raise myself to do any photos.

It is deadline day – us old typists have waited a long time.

By Midnight tonight, all UK companies over 250 employees will have to register their gender pay gap figures and Pippa will get a leaving present. Since December 2016, the University of Admin's Humanoid Resources have been doing all sorts of naughty things to massage those particular statistics - toxic HR smoothies, abductions, cryogenics.. This seems... Continue Reading →

We’ve got to wait a few days..

This is an official message from Poodlepods Main Office - we have deleted the book face. To be honest, at the University of Admin, us old typists have never liked the feeling of being Zucked over.  It's bad enough at work. Horrified we were, to see ads pop-up for a brand of gin we loathed,... Continue Reading →

We hate to brag..

..but here at the University of Admin we are proud to be ahead of the curve.  Well, it is cutting-edge art and all. We're talking mops.  A University of Oxford academic has taken a snap of a cleaner, scrubbing the International Women's Day graffiti off some steps, as other men look on - great photo.... Continue Reading →

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