We’ve really enjoyed our first London Office Fashion Week

Pippa's collaboration with the hip and young designer, Yap Lauqe has really paid off. Outfits for both day and a long day at the office, including a stunning Pay Slip dress - 'get the look for less' - has been a huge hit with old typists and secretary dollies especially. All of Poodlepods' fashion range... Continue Reading →


Dressing-up time everyone.

Pippa Doll Designed Career Dresses for the Office Dolly has her work sacks and Pippa wanted an office fashion outlet too. With vintage designs like this one from the 1975 Palitoy catelogue, there was plenty of inspiration: So we've had a word with Redbubble and launched a little range of admin dresses (even a few... Continue Reading →

Introducing Vintage Dolly Admin Fashion

It's time to play dressing-up! If you are cool enough to remember playing with Pippa and other vintage dollies, you are definitely young enough for our admin fashion Inspiration: We have thrown our hot, heavy, itchy brown invisibility cloaks into the bin! Monday mornings just will not feel the same.  Instead, grab yourself something decent! Poodlepods... Continue Reading →

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