Thoughts on Paul Rand and Alvin Lustig

Some moons ago, when I was working for peanuts and chained to the bottom rung of the ladder of career goals, I decided to inject a bit of modernism into the graphics for a particularly hideous finance presentation. I had been given a fantastic book on Paul Rand - the American graphic designer who along... Continue Reading →


What is an Artistypist?

An artistypist is a creative individual who has spent years in office-support employment, gladly contributing to the career excellence of others, only to discover a large pay gap and a career coffin lid nailed shut with hammer blows of low expectation.  Rather than run off to HR (like any normal person) the artistypist will embark... Continue Reading →

In 2016 we re-located to Narragonia

In December 2016,  we all re-located to Narragonia to begin our secretarial live art project.  Let's just say that our invisibility cloaks  were getting a little itchy. Happily, we can now swig our gin and practice the art of admin in our own vintage career dolly refuge, a state of mind and a fool's paradise... Continue Reading →

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