So who were all these Russian Constructivists?

Love them or loathe them, the Constructivists wanted to bring art to the people and by doing so, improve the lot for those at the bottom of society.   Well, don't we all?  Here at Poodlepods we also aim to bring art to the little people.  To vintage career dollies, plugging away and thinking, I... Continue Reading →


Unleash your creativity – we tried.

Yup. Try as we might, we just cannot seem to come up with an inspirational quote for social media or a pastel photographic image that really sums up what we are attempting to achieve: No.  We who now wallow in the dark arts of admin prefer to hit PowerPoint and go to lunch early -... Continue Reading →

Take your dolly to work

If you take your doggy to work, they make a mess.  If you take your Pippa, Britt, Tammie or Marie, then you can have hours of good clean dolly posing fun.   At Poodlepods we like to share our best tips and tricks for getting through your fun-packed admin learning journey.  The best tip of... Continue Reading →

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