Brexipods – New!

Coming Soon to an admin office near you…

Officially known as The Office of Brexit Excellence, it is with some trepidation that we have to announce, a new mission vision to equip our vintage career progression with a toolkit of Brexit preparation!

Within the University of Admin you will find a well-resourced, dedicated new staff Humanoid Resources fembots who have only one job; to steer the vintage dollies, at vast expense, through the most disruptive change ever to hit administrative support!

office of brexit humanoid resources contingency planning

I’m a little bit anxious about my supply chain of custard creams! – Dolly Poodle, PA to Professor of Geo-Political-Long-Lunches

In the coming months, look out for our posters and Brexipods, giving you the knowledge bank to excel in Brexit contingency planning at your desk.

Brexipods HR Carrot Poster
Brexipods HR Carrot Poster

Good luck Dollies and break a nail!





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