Poodlepack 6: Virtual Working

No, we haven’t lost it completely.

In these Poodlepods you will learn how to harness the human imagination as we re-live the value of play, and with seven hours solid at your desk that’s quite a lot of brain power to reclaim.

So, why not have a virtual feast?  A few virtual drinks at the bar and a well-deserved holiday or five?  We’ll even throw in some romance and you can swap notes – and yes, we will be taking requests…

6.1 Delicious Desk Cuisine! – well this could be the latest thing.  Perhaps it might make Femail? Eating for 7 hours solid at your desk and not gaining a pound! Yup, Poodlepods is putting you all on a diet.

6.2 How to Enjoy a Liquid Lunch! – Excuse me, can we see some ID? This one is age-restricted given that it encourages a copious intake of fine wines over the course of a working day – all in the head of-course.

More will be added when we can think straight…

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