Poodlepack 4: Advanced University Admin


This is specialist stuff.

Look away now anyone who doesn’t know their KPI’s from their KP nuts; their SSR’s from their STD’s. These podules are for mature secretarial dollies serving both senior academics and the brand new re-branded species of upper-middle university marketing management.

Expect to be stretched with learning outcomes you never thought existed. Expect new fonts, higher fees and huge stress balls.  Expect to be really impressed with each other.

Let us begin!

4.1 Dealing with Business People! (part a) – Run for the hills! There is a business person near your professor! This Poodlepods course will help you cope. It is so horrific we’ve had to split it into two parts..

4.2  Dealing with Business People (part b) – Part 2 and it get’s worse: the business people will actually turn up at your professor’s office. Do not panic. Watch this Poodlepods podule..

4.3 COMING SOON: How to Deal with Freedom of Information Requests – Oh ffs! Somebody take charge! You there, the temp! How many loo rolls did we use last quarter? Take this Poodlepods course in FOI crisis management and it will only get worse!

4.4 COMING SOON: How to Get a Pay Rise – This fantastic Poodlepods course will explain in simple steps the easiest way to get a substantial pay rise…

4.5 – Office Design for Admin People! – We’ve been inspired by the 10 minute makeover! No office gimmicks for us!  We’re keeping things strictly practical..

Oh we have quite a few of these stacking up but it would be good to spread them out a bit..

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