Dolly’s favourite podules.

We’ll be exploring the joys of our 6.5″ status and how this makes us feel wonderful and peaceful and rested.  We’ll challenge our vintage admin pay-gap mind-set with a toolkit of resilience training. We’ll learn to grow a cactus named Rapunzel in a yogurt pot.  We’ll find our inner glow! Deep breaths everyone..

3.1 Getting off your Bottom! – My, those are pretty boots! Get off your peachy behind with this inspirational Poodlepods exercise training video. A must for anyone working in university admin support...

3.2 Rebranding Our Think Space! – Who wants dull four walls when you can huddle in a wellness wigwam and scrawl on a talking tablecloth? Personally, we’d rather be at Knebworth with Ronnie Van Zant but even we were a little too young…

3.3 How to be Happy 9-5! (COMING SOON) – Well we don’t find it too hard, a quick swig of gin and dance around the office to Rasputin usually does the trick, but if the need arises it is always good to take stock and think, could I do more?

Lots more wellbeing learning materials coming soon but only if you keep on sitting nicely!