Existentialism for the office

I hope to high heaven I have spelt it right, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the E word lately.

For this post, I want to crack open the doors of perception a bit and explain what is going on in my head.  Ghastly thought, I know.

Introducing the vc fool

If we clear away all the chaff and general frustration of how our admin support job is valued, buried in there is an absolute truth in the power of imagination, of art to transport even the worst day into something valuable.

Artistically valuable.

We have a choice.  Either to become morose or harness our experiences and create something interesting to tell the world from a very different perspective.  It doesn’t even matter that no-one is listening – this is an echo chamber at the moment, pretty much.  But I think to be human, is to communicate philosophically.

My philosophy is one of self-determination – existential being – with art (be it with the help of Pippa or a stick of charcoal) as my conduit to freedom of expression and a means to give value to both lives and objects. The fact I have to do this whilst being viewed as just an old typist with a bad case of pain in the arse, is intrinsic.

And, when you value something you care how it or they are treated – this could be a seabird feather or equal pay.

Art I feel should have purpose and that what drives me on, even, no especially,  in a working environment that actively keeps me firmly in my box.


So when I drift off  standing for an hour at the photocopier or whilst wiping down a sticky boardroom, you know why….

Here ends your art of admin tutorial for this weekend – happy thoughts!

Dolly x

Artistypist, Vice-Chancellor’s Fool and Tutor

University of Admin



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