Shite jobs.

Excuse our French!

Anyone who follows Poodlepods knows we love Instagram and follow lots of wonderful artists and designers who regularly enrich our lowly secretarial working day.

One has caught my attention recently, a wonderful reportage photographer, Hugh Brown @hbrownofficial

Mr Brown photographs the world’s 30 million miners.  Silver, sulphur, coal.. If you want to see what hell on earth looks like, go to his site and see the sulphur miners grimacing in pain from sulphuric acid stinging their lungs and eyes.  Not to mention the heat and stench.

It reminded me of Sebastiano Salgado – but in colour; a sulphur inferno.

No human being should have to work in those conditions – I say this with some close family connection.

It was with this in mind that recently,  I was on the receiving end of a cutting comment from a delightful professor who had taken umbridge with my choice of catering.  This incredibly privileged person, who has access to a clean working environment, fresh air and free food, was put-out that the ‘same old sandwiches/wraps’ were on the menu.

This was for an event to celebrate research….into amongst other things, childhood malnutrition.

No lie.

Nobody else in the room (apart from yours truly and my little Pippa doll in my jacket) raised an eyebrow.

And I thought, sometimes there really is such a thing as a free lunch.  Be grateful and it will make you a happier person.

Dolly x

PA To Privileged non-mining people who have to do loads of risk assessments and have to endure good quality, healthy sustenance, pensions, good quality lungs, etc.





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