The Nose Fairy really messed up..

Just what is a dolly to do?  In a very reasonable attempt to escape the University of Admin’s ‘Celebrating Even More Excellence’ event, Pippa decided to disguise herself as an HR search and rescue robot and had to be saved herself (not for the first time) by the Nose Fairy.


Rather than transport her off to the ball (or in this case, a certain royal wedding) Pippa has been plonked back into 1981, for Charles and Diana’s nuptials by mistake.

Now, the best bit about time-travel is to marvel at how things have changed.  Right?  Erm..not in some careers!

poodlepods pippa doll on a vintage typewriter


Join all the fun over on Instagram @poodlepods to see if Pippa takes the job and descends into the hell that travels at 65wpm.

Dolly x

Senior Tutor, PA and Vice-Chancellor’s Fool

University of Admin, Narragonia




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