Celebrating Excellence – a few thoughts

Now for this tutorial we are going to discuss the ‘power of thank you’ and this is something which never seems to get celebrated in office jobs at the bottom end of the scale or even a little further up as both Pippa and I have recently experienced (see our Instagram story)

A simple ‘thank you’ can achieve excellent results and here, we would like to celebrate our own little achievements.


As all ancient PA’s know, a quick note of thanks is the currency of favours. Taking a little time to remember that someone did a good job – cleaning the sink, mending the heater, supplying the gin – will pay dividends.

For example, and this is something that we did a couple of week’s ago, you find out that an academic’s phone-line is dead. The professor is very scathing, this is naturally a job for the ‘little people’.  Amazingly and to intense frustration, they have tried to get this fixed themselves by contacting the maintenance team but have been told that they are very busy and will try or, they suspect, just ‘cannot be bothered.’


From ‘banking’ a few sincere ‘thank yous’ over the years, I have built up a favour and I call it in.  Not literally, the line was dead.

But then, miracles, the line gets fixed.

No fuss, not swearing, no problem.

How excellent is that?

However, I am still waiting for my ‘thank you’ from our rude and ungrateful professor.  Why?  He is too busy ‘celebrating (his own) excellence’ – and ironically, kneading away on his brand new stress ball.

May I recommend I lesson in good manners instead?

Here ends another tutorial.  I’m really getting too old for all this…

Dolly x

Artistypst and Vice-Chancellor’s Fool.





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