Day Three in the Big Office..

..and Big Dolly has sunk.

Pippa has taken herself off to the paper tray and grabbed a used serviette, as she too has lost the will.  Gloom has cast a shadow on all the Big Bang-like energy that was spent in the first few hours of the temporary admin placement.

Quite honestly, it is becoming a slog.

The people I work alongside, my new boss and new chums are lovely but the fundamentals have not changed; the grade is fixed, the status is low and I ordered far too much chocolate torte for an event where it will cause far too much social and professional anxiety.  So they will leave it.

Some hours later, said torte, will find it’s way back to our grubby admin kitchenette. Sweating but appreciated, just like the luxury Scottish oat biscuits.

Been there, seen that, done it.

Designed the T-shirt.

So what do I do?

Pippa will have to whip me into shape, that’s what. Because, I admit it, this is far too boring for words, let alone pictures.


It is time for some hard truths as I am not the same Dolly as before.  Oh no.  This secretarial art project has matured. Three days in admin, bent over emails arranging meetings of guff has taken it’s toll – time for a little light relief – our little vintage career dolly needs to get out and about or I will go mad.

And that is quite a feat in Narragonia.

Cluck soon,

Dolly x

Artistypist, Vice-Chancellor’s Fool and Senior Tutor


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