Poodlepods News: Exciting Times for Pippa and Dolly

We can exclusively report that the Poodlepods storyline on Instagram has been radically altered to reflect a new learning outcome!

It was written in stone that Pippa was going to jump over to another feed in a sort of breaking the 4th wall and have a little down time in the studio.  No more.  Big Dolly has a job in a real world – a temping job at the University of Admin – and who better to join her in the office?

poodlepods pippa doll sits on mouse on desk at work

Yes, it is #takeyourdollytowork time again.

In preparation for Monday morning, Pippa and Dolly have been on a course of intensive poodlepods training.  Learning materials re-watched on YouTube. Gin supplies bought in bulk – you get the idea.

Who knows what to expect.  Big Dolly is a little rusty and her eyesight is not what it was.  Pippa too is not used to such grand surroundings and might become a little overwhelmed meeting all those professors.

Fingers crossed everyone and see you soon!

Pippa and Dolly

Press Release 20.4.18

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