We hate to brag..

..but here at the University of Admin we are proud to be ahead of the curve.  Well, it is cutting-edge art and all.

We’re talking mops.  A University of Oxford academic has taken a snap of a cleaner, scrubbing the International Women’s Day graffiti off some steps, as other men look on – great photo.

But why all the fuss?  It is expected that any women, over a certain age and in a certain grade at the University of Admin, be highly proficient with a cleaning cloth.  We all have our own buckets under our desks and perfumed sprays in our drawers.  We spend years giving our professors a quick wipe down before we sort out their lives and submit their expenses.

That way, it makes it a lot easier to keep us humming away in our terminally low status. Who want’s to be told how to pick up a phone by someone with a dustpan and brush in their hand?

I was once told to scrub the kitchenette floor. straight after being asked for ideas to kick-start a directors’ meeting. Evidently, my ideas had legs – my career it seems, did not.


That reminds me, I haven’t done a PowerPoint for a while – plenty of mop action on our training podules there – disinfectant too.

You might, however, need a clothes peg for some of them – enjoy!

Dolly, PA/Vice-Chancellor’s Fool and Tutor



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