What is an Artistypist?

An artistypist is a creative individual who has spent years in office-support employment, gladly contributing to the career excellence of others, only to discover a large pay gap and a career coffin lid nailed shut with hammer blows of low expectation.  Rather than run off to HR (like any normal person) the artistypist will embark on a self-funded secretarial art project instead.


[They will even neglect their only feasible alternative source of income i.e. selling stuff at public exhibitions, writing serious articles, applying for residencies and finishing off their main website – Ed]

Yes, but they will find it all utterly fascinating*

Mixing satire, the absurd, storytelling and experimental use of dolls and PowerPoint, this new art movement aims to blast low expectations and re-brand ambition.

artist typist pippa doll
Artistypist Pippa

We in Narragonia, running about the University of Admin, devote ourselves to the arts. While Humanoid Resources bleat on in the distance, we digitally photograph, paint, make instructional videos and write poems with all our might – Dolly Arp

Anyone can be an artistypist – there is a relaxed attitude to keyboard skills.  You just need to take photos of your old childhood dolly at your desk, photocopy a few slogans or present a few slideshows that re-purpose a digital office tool into a meaningful artwork to make everyone laugh and everyone listen. Failing that, buy a badge.

Part Dada, part Constructivist, part office supplies, this is avant-garde contemporary art to fully enjoy from the comfort of your desktop.

Onwards artistypists!


Artistypist, Vice-Chancellor’s Fool and Senior Tutor

*by exploring the relationship between the value of art in terms of the worth of the artist, power and class. Discuss.

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