Cryogenics and Admin Support Staff

..not a natural combination, I grant you, but, given the levels of HR shenanigans going on currently over at Poodlepods on Instagram, nothing seems normal any more.

You would’ve thought, after a very successful London Office Fashion Week, Pippa would be wanting to capitalise on her talents but no, as we blogged earlier this week, the party had to end and that Nose Fairy magic dust was not strong enough to counteract the HR smoothie.

That ghastly ‘healthy eating week’ concoction was consumed by the whole team and it had a devastating impact on their plastic insides.  It was felt there needed to be some revision to the story-line and, after a gin-soaked editorial meeting, it’s been decided to give them a rest in the University’s cryogenic admin storage facility.

This was always on the cards.  HR fembots need to make sure there are no embarrassing revelations in April when the gender pay gap figures are published, so best to put certain problems on ice?

The upside to all this – Jason.  For those who do not know or simply might have forgotten (hadn’t we all) this little admin assistant has been tucked-up for months already.  The idea was to rescue him in the second financial quarter, but due to Brexit uncertainly, this did not happen.

Anyway, there they are, all together and the best thing?  In their suspended state, the dollies have a front row seat to the administrative disasters about to unfold…

The Poodlepods Comedy Writing Unit


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