So who were all these Russian Constructivists?

Love them or loathe them, the Constructivists wanted to bring art to the people and by doing so, improve the lot for those at the bottom of society.


Well, don’t we all?  Here at Poodlepods we also aim to bring art to the little people.  To vintage career dollies, plugging away and thinking, I will have spent a good deal of my life in this magnolia/white/bare room with just RSI and an epic pay gap to show for it.


We think it’s more than time to bring some radical counter-culture into admin; to re-brand ambition in the shape of an old typist.

Poodlepods University of Admin Mission Statement of Strategic Excellence

PowerPoint, photocopiers, colour printers and good old-fashioned keyboard skills – we have technology to tell our story and have a laugh.

Even design a few t-shirts.

Poodlepods life-long learning journey tshirt

Varvara Stepanova would be proud.

Here ends your admin art tutorial for this week.


Artistypist, Vice-Chancellor’s Fool and Senior Tutor, University of Admin

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