In 2016 we re-located to Narragonia

In December 2016,  we all re-located to Narragonia to begin our secretarial live art project.  Let’s just say that our invisibility cloaks  were getting a little itchy. Happily, we can now swig our gin and practice the art of admin in our own vintage career dolly refuge, a state of mind and a fool’s paradise just off the north Essex coast.


My re-purposed PowerPoints are proving to be highly useful in our pointless office-orientated dynamic learning environment (Poodle) and Pippa, whilst currently under the influence of a poisonous HR smoothie, is shortly going to return to what she does best – finding the truth in the madness of her pay gap situation.


Being a curious dolly, I am also working hard to organise a holiday for PA Pippa as I feel it would be fun.  She would love to meet other dollies of a similar vintage, to talk about her working life, share some happy memories and discover hidden worlds.

Expect more videos, presentations, podcasts and postcards.  As we all know, when you are small, you can make a big impact, so fingers crossed and watch this art space.


Senior Tutor, University of Admin and Vice-Chancellor’s Fool


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