A year of fun – Dolly’s final tutorial of 2017

Dear fellow vintage admin dollies,

It has been a year of re-purposed Powerpoint instructional videos, Humanoid Resources fembot zapping and gin-soaked laughter.  But still we strive for success!  Here, at the Poodlepods Head Office, we will not be happy until others, like us, share in the fun of taking our dollies to work and telling stories about working lives of zero progression and no expectations whatsoever.

Next year, we want to take the Poodlepods project further: to arm ourselves with the toolkit of diorama excellence by hitting the loft or eBay. Failing that, we will try and get some career dollies manufactured (because that will be easy) and some little office photoshoot supplies.

Poodlepods Pippa vintage career dolly box
Poodlepods Pippa vintage career dolly box – one day!

Whether your dolly was a Pippa or a Sindy, a Barbie, Action Man or Pete – give them a voice, because ours never seems to be heard.  We’ll help with the props and HR posters – keep going with those HR training videos too.

Your desk is now a little film set, each day a mini photoshoot.

I’ve told you about my invisible working life – now tell me about yours.


PA/Fool, Senior Tutor, University of Admin



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