Unleash your creativity – we tried.

Yup. Try as we might, we just cannot seem to come up with an inspirational quote for social media or a pastel photographic image that really sums up what we are attempting to achieve:

spoof social media inspirational quote
Dolly plays with Canva

No.  We who now wallow in the dark arts of admin prefer to hit PowerPoint and go to lunch early – employing all sorts of expertise we have picked up by pretending we know what we are doing.

It has taken years to perfect this level of skill.

No European computer driving test for us! Or a free Canva design either it seems, which, by the way are amazingly easy to use and rather a life-saver with an irritable professor huffing and puffing. But we digress.

Before we all reach for the gin, in this tutorial, I want us to be inspired by this: we are so ignored and depressed that we are free to artistically express ourselves in any way we like – wear the t-shirt, bang the keys, make a bad mood board, play with our dollies, write that novel and do it all at your desk – and if anyone notices (which I highly doubt) just say it’s the health and safety inspection record and you are being very thorough.

Here ends the tutorial for this week.


PA/Vice-Chancellor’s Fool/Professor of Admin Dark Arts




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