The World of Poodlepods

After a strong coffee and a back pain pill, the megalomania really kicks in and we thought we’d while away the office hours by telling you all about our empire.

Lets have a laugh graphics

First the website (this one); gateway to all the tricks of the trade courtesy of Dolly Poodle, your tutor and the Vice-Chancellor’s newly promoted official Fool. We aim to provide you with disobedience resilience training like no other – for every aspect of your career – for every aspect of supreme joy you feel living and working in this fools paradise.

final poodule pod blog flag



Second, the youtube channel – dip in and out, share it all about. We aim to provide a new video once a week to keep you fully entertained and up-to-speed with the latest ways to grow your own veg in the office and how to get a pay rise (high level of difficulty).

Third, Poodlpods Pippa’s instagram office soap.  Just your average story of pocket-sized vintage office dollies going about their quiet, uneventful days in higher education admin – with Robert Redford robots, fembots and gin.


Blimey, we’re sort of getting in to this.  Live art for admin n’ all.

Podcasts, books, films, diets and exercise videos will all have to wait, no really, we have a health and safety inspection to do..

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