Dressing-up time everyone.

Pippa Doll Designed Career Dresses for the Office

Dolly has her work sacks and Pippa wanted an office fashion outlet too. With vintage designs like this one from the 1975 Palitoy catelogue, there was plenty of inspiration:

Career Girl Pippa 1975 Palitoy Pippa Catelogue

So we’ve had a word with Redbubble and launched a little range of admin dresses (even a few tops and skirts) to sneak in alongside the stationary order.  You know, mugs for your gin, clocks to count down to your next poodlepods video and bags to carry home the cakes – you can find all that here.

All designs have been inspired by playing with our special little Pippa doll at our desks and the life-long learning journey on Instagram. Spot the favourite images used in the fabric designs – from pink paper balls to Pippa’s 3D retro specs, just brace yourself for the HR dress – only for the very brave.

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