Every Vice-Chancellor needs a Fool – the 21st Century career choice for admin

After years of under-achievement, the dollies in the office had a whip round and I have gained a promotion – to that of Vice-Chancellor’s Fool; court jester, resident buffoon, official secretarial clown.

Purely ceremonial, but hey ho. This is my chance to confound expectations!

For those of you who haven’t read their Middle Ages staff handbook, this ancient post is essential in our current climate – what with a flotilla of fools bobbing about on their life-long fantasy journey, selling shiny new crossbows to distant lands and Yours Truly stuck here at the University of Admin, gazing out over the rolling hills of  Narragonia, playing with my Pippa and growing my carrots.  Magical really. What could possibly go wrong?

It really is halcyon days on this planet.

Dolly’s Happy Inbox Face by Jan Matejko

So excited.  So honoured.  Please, please let their be a Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding Vice-Chancellor’s Fool of the Year – imagine the outfit and the grease-paint. Imagine getting some free food and drink..

Toodle pip with a slight shake of my bladder,

Dolly Poodle (stage name)

Vice-Chancellor’s PA/Fool

University of Admin, Narragonia




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