Let us begin!

Banksy has his stencils,

Damien has his spots,

Dolly has PowerPoint

and Grayson has his pots.


Congratulations if you have drilled this deep into your life-long learning journey.

In 2016 the invisibility cloak was becoming far too itchy and it was time to play with my dollies, dig out the red nose and have some fun with a self-directed live art project – a rather lengthy one – using two decades of juggling secretarial jobs in higher education alongside my own creative projects in theatre, writing and visual art.

An element of my practice explores how we value art in the context of an artist’s worth.  For many years I have supported those in power who demand curiosity of others, whilst displaying very little themselves.

In the court of the Vice-Chancellor, surrounded by HR courtiers and attended by baron professors living in ivory towers, I have become the fool; a role resurrected and rightly installed at the ear of pomposity, blowing raspberries at sanctimonious hypocrisy and re-purposing PowerPoint to illuminate working lives of little worth and zero progression.

When your career is a joke, it’s all ridiculous anyway – shall we begin?

Dolly Poodle, Vice-Chancellor’s Fool, University of Admin


‘Laughter would be bereaved if snobbery died.’ – Peter Ustinov

..and all of us working in admin would be most upset.

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