After a strong coffee and a back pain pill, the megalomania really kicks in and we thought we'd while away the office hours by telling you all about our empire. First the website (this one); gateway to all the tricks of the trade courtesy of Dolly Poodle, your tutor and the Vice-Chancellor's newly promoted official... Continue Reading →


We just couldn't keep her away from fashion.  Dolly has her boutique and Pippa wanted one too. I mean, with vintage designs like this, there was plenty of inspiration: So we've had a word with Redbubble, and launched a little range of admin dresses (even a few tops and mini skirts) to pop in alongside... Continue Reading →

After years of under-achievement, the dollies in the office had a whip round and I have gained a promotion - to that of Vice-Chancellor's Fool; court jester, resident buffoon, official secretarial clown. Purely ceremonial, but hey ho. This is my chance to confound expectations! For those of you who haven't read their Middle Ages staff... Continue Reading →

LEARNING OUTCOME: be nice to robots.  Unfortunately, those who follow the Poodlepods admin team on Instagram will know that this is not always possible.  However, here is the HR training video that will help them on this particularly tricky learning journey..

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Well it is tricky, as we would hate to champion kitten heels.. I think we all know where this is going.  Here in the Poodlepods Main Office, us admin dollies rather love shoes.  More specifically, Ladybird's Well-Loved Tales: The Elves and the Shoemaker, with words by Vera Southgate and pictures by Eric Winter.... Continue Reading →

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Consult a lawyer before you sign anything! Oh blast.  Not again. Time to twirl the carousel. Months of cajoling, gathering signatures - an operation so fraught it makes Brexit look like slice of coffee and walnut sponge. Have no fear admin dollies! Here at Poodlepods we have made a short instructional video to... Continue Reading →

We are very pleased with our goat She takes up no space Tethered to my desk Next to my coat.   And useful too as she eats a host Of old sandwiches Biros And all my post.   The Green Team installed her By surprise one day To get the Gold Award For the month... Continue Reading →

At the University of Admin, we take your personal wellbeing very seriously.  In accordance to our 'Throwback Thursday Protect and Survive Protocol' we have issued podule 1.7 How to Survive a Nuclear War! today at 08.00 Do not panic. Watch the video at your earliest convenience and then head straight to Humanoid Resources, Room 101... Continue Reading →

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